Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Advanced Image Search

If you ever need a specific image for a specific search, Google's Advanced Image search allows you to quickly find an image that meetgs your needs, such as black and white, specific image sizes, or even specific file types. To use advanced search is easy, here's how:

  • Go to http://images.google.com
  • Click on "Advanced Image Search" to the right of the search button.
  • The top part of the advanced search options are specific terms you want to search for.
    • Related to all of the words: means that all words in the field need to be used to describe the image.
    • Related to the exact phrase: means the words in the field all need to be used, in the exact order you type them.
    • Related to any of the words: only one of the words in this field need to be used to describe the image for it to be shown.
    • Not related to the words: If these words show up to describe the image, the image will not be displayed.
  • The bottom section of the advanced image search allows you to limit the results even further, by content type, size, aspect ratio, file type, whether color or black and white, and from which domain it may have come.

This could be very useful to teachers to help them find images for presentations, handouts, assignments, or writing prompts.

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