Sunday, March 7, 2010

Advanced Search

Are you having a hard time finding the information you're looking for with a Google Search? You can use the "Advanced Search" option to more precisely find the information you are looking for with your search. You can limit your search to specific types of pages, exclude pages with certain words from your results, and limit your results to time frames, types, and more. It's easy to do, here's how:

  • Next to where you type your Google Search find the link for "Advanced Search"
  • Click on Advanced Search
    • "all these words" - means all of the words in this box must be in the page (but not necessarily together) in order for it to be shown on the results.
    • "this exact wording or phrase" - means that the exact phrase that you type into this box needs to be on the page (together) for it to be listed in the results
    • "one or more of these words" - Words that you want included, but don't need all of the words in order for them the be listed.
    • "any of these unwanted words" - If these words are on the page, it will not be listed in the results.
    • "results per page" - how many results it will list (if you have fast internet, increase the number so you don't have to click "more" at the end of the page so often.
    • "Language" - which language you want the results in
    • "File type" - only list results with the file type that you choose
    • "Search within a site or domain" - means it will only look at a specific website for information (for example, you could put in "" to list only within the Florida Department of Education's website.
    • "Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more" - Additional options you can use -- play around with them!
  • After you have everything set, just click "Advanced Search" and you will get the more precise search results!

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