Monday, March 15, 2010

Creating A Template

If you create a general form that you want your students to use in order to complete an assignment, a template would be a great way to set it up for students to use.  For example, if you are a science teacher who has a lab report format you want your students to use, you could create the general document, and then make it into a template for the students so that they are able to use that same form over and over again without you needing to worry about people writing in the original document.  Here's how you can setup and use a template:

  • First, have a Document ready to be used as a template in your GDocs account
  • Click on "Create New" and go to "From Template..."
  • Look at the top right of your template gallery and you will see a link that says "Submit a template", click on that
  • Click "Choose from your Google Docs"
  • Click the document you want to use to setup a template, then click Select
  • Type in your description, and choose one or two categories for your template to live in. (The administrator of your Google Docs domain can add whatever categories they would like to the list, so you can customize this to meet the needs of your schol).
  • Choose the langauge of the document
  • Click on "Submit template"

It may take a few minutes for the template to be available to other users, so you won't want to do this right as class is starting.  But it usually doesn't take very long at all.

Once your template is setup, here is how a student would use it:

  • The student would log into their GDocs account
  • Click "Create New" and go to "From Template..."
  • They can either search for the file, or go to the category of the file they are looking for and click on that name.
  • Once they find the document they want, they click the "Use this template" button
  • A new document will be created in their account based on that template.
  • I would recommend that once the file is open they rename the file to a name that matches their assignment.
  • They are good to go!

Templates are a great tool for teachers to use in order to standardize the assignments that they are getting from their students. Try it out, it's an easy process and will make your life easier!

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