Thursday, March 25, 2010

GMail Keyboard Shortcuts - Part Two

Yesterday I shared with you some basic keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly move around:
  • ? - Show list of shortcuts
  • / - Jump to the search box
  • q - Jump to the chat box
  • c - Compose a new message
  • [Shift]C - Compose a new message in a new window
  • j - Move to an older conversation (down the list)
  • k - Move to a newer conversation (up the list)
  • [Enter] - Open the currently selected conversation
  • u - Return to the conversation list
Today I am going to share a few more of the keyboard shortcuts which can help you move around efficiently within GMail. Specifically, today's video shows options for moving around and organizing your inbox. My goal is "Inbox Zero." Inbox Zero means finishing all of tasks related to the emails within your inbox, and getting them out of the inbox where you don't have to deal with them again. This was never possible for me within Outlook without hours and hours of responding, completing tasks, and filing folders away. The process was daunting for me! With GMail, I meet "Inbox Zero" about once a week, and shortcuts have been extremely helpful in meeting this goal. Here is a video highlighting today's tips:

Selecting and Working With Conversations From The List
Daily I receive numerous emails that I honestly do not need to read. They could include advertisements from stores, spam, or automatic email messages from our school's computer system. With these emails, I can quickly select, mark as unread, and archive the emails in one quick sweep. Here is how I do that.
  • While you are on the conversation list, you can press "x" to select a conversation (it puts an x in the checkbox next to the conversation)
  • Use "j" and "k" to move the traingle to the next conversation you want to work with and select (you can select as many emails as you would like
  • Once you have the conversations selected, here are some keystrokes which can apply tasks to the selected messages:
    • [Shift]-"i" - Marks the emails as READ
    • [Shift]-"U" - Marks the conversation as UNREAD
    • "e" - Archives the conversation (means it removes the "Inbox" tag from the conversation, if it has another tag from filters or that you've applied, the other tags stay on the conversation)
    • "v" - Move the conversation to a label (After you press "v" you can type in the label you want to apply... GMail will apply the label and remove it from the inbox)
    • [Shift]-"T" - Add the conversations to a Task within your task list (then you can move it out of your inbox, and later, when you open the task, the conversation is linked to the task for easy reference later
    • "s" - Star a conversation (you can use this to prioritize specific conversations)
    • "#" - Deletes the selected conversations (moves them to Trash)kj
    • "." (period) - Opens the "More Actions" menu for the selected conversations

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