Friday, March 19, 2010

Gmail Settings (Part 1): General

If you are a new user to GMail, one of he first things you should do is spend some time looking through the settings, and customizing the program to work the way you want it to. This video is the first of 4 which will walk through the settings available to you in GMail. Today we'll just look at the "General" tab, and the various options available.

I would recommend the following settings to be default if you want a place to start:

  • Keyboard shortcuts On - Keyboard shortcuts making using GMail much more efficient.  Another post will be coming in a few days to talk about the benefit and some of the important keys you will want to remember, but I highly recommend turning this on.  Once it is on, just type a question-mark to see which keys you can use. 
  • Always use https - This will help to keep your emails more private and secure. 
  • Personal Level Indicators: Show Indicators - Helps you to see if an email is sent only to you, you as part of a group, or to a mailing list with your specific email address identified.  This is a great way to prioritize your emails.


  1. Around the 1:22 minute of the video, the sound goes away.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I'll re-record and get it posted within the next day or two. Thanks!

  3. I think the sound has been fixed now. Thanks again!