Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gmail Settings (Part 2): Accounts

If you are an avid GMail user, it is helpful to know that you can actually use one GMail account to check all of your email accounts.  GMail can download your mail from other accounts and put them all into one place for you.  If you are using GMail in a school district or school, you should first check you're school's policies and applicable laws though.  Because of open records laws, it is possible that if you do use your work email to check your private email accounts, you could be making your private emails subject to open record laws.  However, if you have a seperate GMail account (I have a work GMail, and a personal GMail), this can be very helpful for your personal accounts.  Personally, I prefer keeping my separate.  But either way, you will want to know that it is possible to setup this feature.  Here is a brief video showing what the screens look like:

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