Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GMail Settings (Part 5): Labs

Google is always experimenting with new ideas and programs. One of the best ways to find some of the new things they have come up with is by clicking on "Settings" and then going to "Labs." The video below will highlight six of my favorite lab options:

(Sorry for the bird screaming in the background of this video).

If you find a lab you would like to try, just click the "Enable" button and save your settings. You will need to refresh your screen or close your browser and reopen it before the extra features will work. Here are the six favorite highlighted in the video:

  • Google Docs Preview in Mail: Will allow you to open Google Docs more quickly to see what they have.
  • Canned Responses: If you have emails that you write repeatedly, this will help you do it more quickly.
  • Hide Read Labels: Those labels that have no unread emails will not show up on the left hand column of your GMail home screen (they will be found under "More."
  • Inserting Images: Allows you to embed images into your outgoing emails.
  • Google Calednar Gadget: Let's you see your calendar on your GMail home screen.
  • Mail Goggles: Fun tool that allows you to set a time when you shouldn't be sending emails, and then when you try to send an email during that time frame, it forces you to correctly answer the math questions before the email will be sent - prevents you from sending emails when you're not in a fully conscious state of mind.

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