Friday, March 5, 2010

Google Teachers Academy for Administrators

I write this very first blog post sitting in my hotel here in San Antonio, TX, having just completed the first ever Google Teachers' Academy for Administrators.  I know it will take a while for me to make sense of all that I have learned today, but I have to say that I am excited and energized to put what I have learned into action.

I should start off by saying that while I was extremely excited to have been selected to attend this training, when I first read the agenda, I was surprised. I use most of the tools that they were planning on talking about, so I wasn't sure I was going to take that much away from the training.  Little did I know, that while I use the tools, I've only scratched the surface on many of them -- who knew?!

Meanwhile, our school (Pinellas Preparatory Academy) just migrated to Google Apps, and I have been encouraging the staff to use these tools more in their work and the instructino of the students.  The other day one of my teachers asked me to do more professional development on the tips and tricks of using the various tools in Google.  My plan was to make a few screencasts and post them to our school's Moodle, as I have done for other how-tos.

Today, I learned so much about Google that I did not know was even there.  I am known as a bit of a geek. I could be considered a Google fanboy... and I didn't even know these tools were there! So thus is born this blog, a place for me to record, organize and post various tips specifically for educators on using Google tips and tricks.

I look forward to sharing with you, and hope you will let me know the tips and tricks you use so that I can share them as well. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to the conversation!

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  1. I'm glad that you got something out of Google Academy then since there was a lot more to it then what you knew :) Look forward to learning more too!