Sunday, March 7, 2010

Search: Show Options

Do you have millions of "hits" on your Google Search, but you want to limit your results?  Maybe you're only looking for video or for images?  Maybe you're looking for "NEW" information and want to see things only posted in the last week... Google has a tool for that.  It's easy: 

  • Do a normal Google Search
  • On the results at the top left, you will see a [+] Show Options
  • When you click on "Show Options" you will get a new column on the left
  • You can limit your search results by:
    • Type of Results
      • Images
      • Videos
      • News
      • Blogs
      • Updates
      • Books
      • Dissussions
    • Time Limits
      • Latest
      • Past 24 hours
      • Past week
      • Past year
      • Specific date range
And more!   Try it out to narrow down your search results to exactly what you are looking for!

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