Monday, March 15, 2010

Sharing a Documents With an Entire Class

I received an email today from a teacher asking for help with sharing a document with all of her students inside of Google Docs. I've created the following screencast to show how to do this. In my opinion the easiest way to do this would be to setup a SHARED FOLDER in GDocs, and to share that with all of the students in your class. That way any document you put into that folder will give the entire class access to the document. This is much easier then needing to set the sharing options on each individual file. Here's how you can do that:

  • Log into your GDocs account
  • Create a new folder by clicking on "Create New" and choose "Folder".
  • Give your folder a name and a description if you so choose.
  • Right click on the folder name, and go to "Share" then "Invite people..." 
  • Enter in the username or email addresses of all of your students into the "Invite" box
  • Click either "Send" to send an invitation to those students or click "Add without sending invitation" and the students will have access without receiving and email. 
  • Find your document (or upload it if you've created it using another program), and drag it into the folder.
All students now have access to the folder and all of the files in it.  So students can add the documents that are in there, save new documents that they want to share with the rest of the class, and so on.

Another tip, in the video, I show that I am setting up folders for each one of the classes.  If you want to have one folder be in several different folders, you can do that as well.  Just click on the check box before the file, click on the "Folders" button and put a check mark before all of the folders you want that one document to show up in. 

Remember that using this method means that when the students open the document they are all opening the same document.  Another option would be to create a "Template" with a file, where a student opens a generic form, and then changes it and saves it as a new document, as opposed to making changes to the one that is already there. 

Hope this helps!

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